Project Specific Business Cards / by Structured REA

Despite all the advantages technology brings us, business cards are still an essential part of networking. Simply putting your number in someone's phone is not going to make an impact whatsoever. In fact, it will probably get lost or forgotten. How many "Joe Schmo - [Insert biz here]" do you have in your phone with absolutely no recollection of who they are or what they do? Exactly.

With summer coming to a close, there are tons of networking events we'll be attending right as the launch of Meetinghouse at 3080 is underway. What better way to showcase this awesome project than to put it right on our business cards? There's no way people can forget the website now! Our new connections will be able to see our contact info on the front (same design as our usual business cards) & on the back, they'll be directed right to Meetinghouse's website to see what we're working on! Check it out! 

Before shot on our project specific business cards.