Google Analytics & Data Studio / by Structured REA

One of our goals with the Meetinghouse website is to diligently monitor our web traffic via Google Analytics. We're interested in seeing who's coming to our site, how they're finding it (via direct, organic search, referral, etc.) and what pages they're looking at. 

One of the features we find valuable on Google Analytics is "Behavior Flow". It allows us to see how users are navigating our website from the moment they arrive and throughout all of their "interactions". This allows us to see which pages are most important or interesting to users which is imperative to our marketing plan. We can then edit or remove the less popular pages to further highlight the stronger ones. Additionally, it provides us insight on where to focus our efforts on our next project. 

Google Analytics isn't just for marketers. Our entire team enjoys seeing the stats and diving into all the information the platform provides. For example, our team found it extremely interesting how long users were active on our website compared with the average time spent on other sites. 

Another great tool Google offers is Data Studio beta. Data Studio links to Google Analytics allowing you to create a custom infographic style report. With the click of a button your report can be updated in realtime! These reports are fully customizable from data & styling. If you haven't checked Data Studio out yet - Get on it!