Completed Exterior by Structured REA

Christmas came early for us! We received some photos of the completed exterior of Meetinghouse. Interior core shell is completed and we'll be building that out soon! Check them out HERE for more! 

New Beginnings for The Clock-(less) Tower by Structured REA

For decades, the clock tower at Meetinghouse 3080 stood faceless. Today we're giving the tower a well deserved facelift. Local Metal Fabricator, White Dog Supply, is helping us to modernize the tower for a new time.

There will no longer be a clock-less tower and there certainly will not be a clock added on top. Do people even remember how to use analog clocks? We hope so, but you can never be too sure. 

This is just the tip of the new tower - more to come soon! 

Aerial Photos by Structured REA

We love getting good aerial shots of all our buildings, but especially of Meetinghouse because of the amazing view of Scottsdale and the mountains in the distance. See more photos of what's happening on site HERE!